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Woodseer Global Dividend Forecasting

Forecasting dividends for 25,000+ securities globally

The world’s best dividend forecast data

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Global Coverage

Projections for 25,000+ securities across 1000+ indices

2 Year Forward Predictions

Dividend estimates for two full fiscal years

Alternative data methodology

Cutting edge Alt-data source for dividend information

‘Algorithm + Analyst’

Algorithmically calculated, manually analysed

Proven Track Record

Projecting forward dividends since 2011

Multiple Formats

Developer-friendly API, flat-file download, site login

Superb data quality / integrity

Unique source of accurate, comprehensive dividend predictions

Dividend History

Comprehensive history since 2012

Future-forward technology

Traditional algorithm enhanced by machine learning and NLP

Our Partners Include

Why Forecast Dividends

Cortona Forest

Companies that pay regular dividends can provide planned income and dependable compound growth.

Our estimates predict how often, when, and how much 25,000+ stocks across North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa will pay out in dividends projecting forward 2 years / 24 months.

These forecasts are valuable for investment activities including:

  • stock selection
  • income planning
  • option pricing
  • dividend capture

Algorithmically analysed and manually researched and fine-tuned, our data is delivered to clients globally via API, FTP or site login.

Beyond this our suite of software services can be customised to present the dividend forecast data in specific and meaningful ways.

Our algorithm+analyst approach sometimes classifies us as an “alternative data” provider, though we like to see ourselves as the ‘no-alternative’ dividend forecast data provider.

This is all far simpler than it sounds - contact us to learn why .

Le Foy Forest


Woodseer is an advanced algorithmic system developed by London-based technology business Investment Tools Limited in partnership with Exchange Data International.

Our tech-driven approach, supported by our experienced analysts, gives us huge coverage (over 3x greater than alternatives) matched with high levels of accuracy.

We work from a huge database of corporate actions and we supplement and enhance this with input from our internal Limeburner product, applying natural language processing (NLP) to read and interpret declarations from financial reports and press releases.

We then apply our ‘algorithm + analyst’ approach to highlight patterns and to predict future dividend payments and dates.

  1. Our data is meticulously checked for consistency and easy consumption by downstream systems and clients
  2. We then create the forecasts with algorithmic calculations overseen by our analyst team
  3. Our analysts constantly check output and amend projections to ensure all results are reasonable and consistent with market-specific, industry, geographic and political influences
  4. Where a clear pattern is not identified the security is flagged and our analysts perform individual research to project the future dividend
  5. Each estimate includes the amount, currency, status, frequency, type, and dates
  6. For select securities we provide our Programmatic Confidence Level (PCL) score, giving our confidence rating based on the consistency of our highlighted rules.
Dividend Estimates
Indexes Globally


We are completely flexible regarding our clients’ coverage requirements which can be by index, by market or by specific portfolio(s).

We aim to be as developer-friendly as possible, providing an API which can be queried for specific security dividend detail and returned in a variety of data formats.

Additionally you can request a regular push in flat-file format for a predefined market and formats via the web.

Some clients also choose to use a login to the Woodseer website to browse, query and download dividend data and projections in a specified format, with zero technical implementation required.

Sample Data

Interested in our Woodseer forecast data?
Please provide your contact details to browse and download up-to-date predictions sample data in a selection of formats.


To learn more about our coverage, dividend estimate accuracy and expertise email us at with any questions, or use the form below.

Woodseer global forecasts are provided by Investment Tools Ltd through a partnership with Exchange Data International (EDI).

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Investment Tools Ltd have been forecasting dividends since 2011 with clients including major retail banks and financial service industry players. We are a technology business with offices close to Woodseer Street in the heart of London’s fintech hub, and in central Vancouver. We work with financial service and data industry clients across the globe.

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Exchange Data International has been helping the global financial community make informed decisions with high quality securities reference data, corporate actions and end of day pricing services since 1994.

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