Systematic Global Dividend Forecast Data Since 2016

Accurate dividend estimates for 25,000+ equities, ADRs and ETFs

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Algorithm + Analyst

Combining human and machine intelligence

Proven Track Record

Forecasting dividend data since 2011, and systematically since 2016

Global Coverage

Data for over 25,000+ securities including 1,400+ ETFs

Predictions 2+ Year Forward

Dividend estimates projected at least two full fiscal years ahead

Future-Forward Technology

Powered by machine learning and NLP

Alternative Data Methodology

Cutting edge structured Alt-data source for dividend information

We are a technology business with a total focus on dividend forecast data – it's all we do.

From our offices in London and Vancouver we work with some of the world’s largest financial services and data businesses.

Accuracy, timeliness and flexibility are key to our success – find out how:

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The Investment Association

Our goal is to produce dividend forecast data so accurate it is indispensable to the financial services industry.

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Our hybrid algorithm+analyst approach is our unfair advantage: human and machine intelligence combined since 2016.

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