About: Our Approach

Precision and scale through the prudent use of technology

Woodseer’s purpose is to deliver the best dividend forecasts to the financial services industry.

How we accomplish that is what makes us unique.

By applying the experience of our focussed team of financial analysts directly to our software, we have developed an algorithm which produces dividend estimates unsurpassed in scale and accuracy.

Woodseer’s success is due to the tight feedback loop between analysts and engineers

Since launch in 2016 Woodseer has been under continuous development, averaging over 400 enhancements per year in its first 3 years.
It is now established as the most accurate dividend forecasting system available (see accuracy) across the largest universe in the industry (see coverage).

Our coverage continues to broaden as we focus on new markets and apply innovative solutions at scale.
The Accuracy Score is our lodestar. Recording and publishing this every day ensures we’re always improving our forecasts while our coverage expands.

Learn about where we have come from and where we are going or jump straight to the methodology underpinning our technology.

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