Woodseer: Context

Forecasting dividends since 2011

We’re a Fintech business based in London and Vancouver who have been accurately predicting dividends for several years. Now our data is used by some of the largest asset managers, options traders and index providers in the world.

Technology innovation does not cease and Woodseer is no exception.

Founded by a financial analyst and an engineer, both ex-Commerzbank, the coordinated partnership of human insight with technology automation runs deep in our company.

Woodseer’s core strengths are:

  1. Accuracy - assessed daily to ensure it’s always improving
  2. Coverage - expanding to meet customer demand, without compromising Accuracy
  3. Flexibility - achieved by being nimble and by harnessing our technology platform

Forecast accuracy is our primary driver. Improvement to this metric is accomplished through the ongoing collaboration between analysts and engineers. Learn more about this through our approach.

Flexibility for our customers is a core competence, achieved by delivering an ever-expanding universe of covered securities with uncompromised accuracy. Find our more about our product and our results.

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