The evolution of dividend forecasting

From individual investors to major investment banks

Woodseer began as a UK-focussed financial product with a set of tools and curated data, providing unique insights to sophisticated private investors.

The process for researching and understanding how company financials impact dividend declarations lead us to develop a codified system for forecasting dividends automatically across a large data set of corporate actions.

This lead to a pivot towards the financial services industry and in 2017 we launched Woodseer as a B2B product.

The compelling innovation then was applying an automated algorithm to a large dataset of securities and identify patterns within historical dividend data which allowed us to produce accurate forecasts.


Investment Tools Ltd established in London

Investment Tools Ltd
January 2012

DividendMax site launches

July 2013

Regular Dividend of the week column launches on the Financial Times Group published Investors Chronicle.

Investors Chronicle
January 2014

First institutional client signed for DividendMax

DividendMax reaches 10, 000 registrations

January 2016

Partnership with EDI signed for development of our global algorithmic product

January 2017

Woodseer global product launches

Woodseer Dividend Forecasting
October 2017

Partner with ULTUMUS

January 2018

Vancouver office opens

May 2018

Limeburner launches as beta product

August 2018

Woodseer launches ex-date forecasting rule engine for options

January 2019

Two years of forecast history available for the Woodseer algorithmic product

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