Woodseer Clients

From tiny Fintechs to massive investment banks

Accurate forecast dividend data is beneficial in front and back office functions in financial services.
Our broad coverage and flexibility means we serve a diverse range of client applications.

Woodseer subscribers include:

  • Custodians managing large client portfolios requiring accurate and timely profit forecasts and forward dividend data to plan portfolio income and forecast tax charges
  • Quant funds chasing alpha Woodseer data highlights novel investment opportunities through a raw data feed
  • Index providers switching constituents dividend forecasts support T+1 planning of index rebalancing
  • Option traders precise forecast dates ensures accurate income planning around options expiry
  • Options analytics & market makers greater coverage plus additional data and tools means Woodseer best serves the options market
  • Investment banks requiring full visibility of market estimates and analyst consensus identify outliers through Woodseer insight
  • Fintechs a previously unserved market with a broad range of use cases and a requirement for flexibility
Case Studies