Dividend Data Delivery

Supporting modern and traditional delivery mechanisms

There are five delivery mechanisms depending on the flexibility of IT infrastructure and customer preference.

Woodseer also provides portfolio tools to manage groups of securities and a bespoke interface for clients based on their requirements.

1. RESTful API

Connect to a data endpoint for security and dividend data, based on query parameters and receive JSON response data.

Poll regularly for updates across an index, exchange or portfolio, or query for changes since a given timestamp.

Access an individual security or group by IDs and ISINs.

See our RESTful API documentation for further details.

2. Push API

Receive an HTTP Post request containing a JSON payload with updated data as soon as data is added or changed.

Full updated security and dividend data are transmitted immediately at time of change for any security within client universe.

See our Push API documentation for further details.

Note: the JSON payload for the RESTful and Push API is identical.

3. Flat-file FTP

Access data in a flattened CSV format via FTP/SFTP every hour or 24 hours.

Entities are structured logically in separate files containing only diffs for simplified import.

See our FTP documentation for further details.

4. Website Login

Use an email address and password to log onto the site, use the site search tools and download data to CSV.

Portfolio management tools allows uploading of ISINs, tickers or other identifiers into a single list which can then be extracted to XLSX as needed. All reporting data and management tools are included.

Additionally a custom interface development option is available and accessible through the same standard login.

5. Partner Platform

Clients with existing technology supplier relationships may prefer to add Woodseer data through their current platform feed.

Woodseer data is currently available through partners such as Factset and Ultumus without the need for an additional IT integration project.

Clients can choose any combination of the above and Woodseer is flexible to allow use of our own or customer servers.

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