Automated AI system for financial announcements

To further enhance the accuracy and timeliness of our data we have developed a system called Limeburner. This uses a field of AI called Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read and interpret financial information.

“Limeburner has increased Woodseer data quality by 68%”

Company news and announcements are categorized and relevant data points extracted and automatically ingested into Woodseer.

This triggers the algorithm to be run across the revised data and new forecasts are produced. This is then immediately available to clients, and the updates are sent directly to Push API subscribers.

Real-time corporate actions: Limeburner NLP + Push API

Additionally Limeburner data provides automated accuracy checks against our core data source, reduces “fat finger” mistakes and is significantly more precise than an analyst.

  • More accurate
  • Faster to market
  • Reduced error rate
  • Operates 24/7
  • More data sources

Through this unique, automated and scalable system Woodseer is able to provide the fastest and most accurate dividend declaration and forecast data on the planet.

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