Woodseer Technology Overview

Combined human and machine intelligence

Woodseer is a hosted SAAS product with an automated algorithm “engine” at its core. This has been developed over several years and is now a mature product which remains actively under development.

Being technology-centric means we maximise product automation to attain superior accuracy at large scale. Our focus is adding further machine intelligence to improve accuracy, reduce errors and provide greater coverage.

Woodseer processes huge amounts of data and performs several automated functions:

  • Daily import accessing several data sources with built in monitoring and exception handling.
  • Several data tests run frequently, ensuring data quality and accuracy by generating prioritized tasks for analyst review.
  • Extensive automated system-level and analyst checks with established processes for error handling and escalation of issues.
  • Automated dividend date pattern detection creates security-specific rules with confidence scores.
  • Algorithmic system revises forecasts immediately based on receiving new data.
  • System output checked and published automatically to the website.

Our analysts based around the globe are working continually to check and refine the data, and their insight drives the next round of innovation for the product.


Woodseer is hosted on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure using Heroku which has reported uptime in excess of 99.999%.

The AWS platform provides:

  • Comprehensive software security protection
  • Penetration testing
  • UPS power backups
  • Generators
  • Physical security
  • DDoS mitigation, spoofing & sniffing protection
  • Firewall and port scanning blocking.
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